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Pregnancy is usually one of the most amazing and exciting times in a woman’s life and most will remain well throughout their pregnancy and deliver their healthy babies with no problems. However, occasionally concerns do arise in the antenatal period and I hope my training and experience in obstetrics should reassure you that you are being thoroughly cared for during this time.

Dr Alyson Hunter FRCOG, is a Consultant obstetrician and sub-specialist in high risk care and antenatal scanning and provides bespoke private antenatal care in South Belfast (352 Lisburn Rd). As a pure obstetrician, she does not practice gynaecology and all her professional practice is devoted to obstetric care. As a sub-specialist in Fetal and Maternal medicine she receives referrals from consultant colleagues and patients across the country who are concerned about ongoing pregnancy and potential complications. With her experience in fetal medicine she is thus able to offer not only general obstetric services but also specialist obstetric care throughout your pregnancy including newer technologies such as nuchal translucency assessment, harmony blood testing and 3D/4D ultrasound.

Dr Hunter's NHS practice is based at the Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital. The Royal Maternity Hospital and associated Regional Neonatal Unit, serve as the Northern Ireland regional referral unit from other obstetric units for high risk/complex pregnancies & deliveries. Both women and their babies will thus benefit from being cared for in this specialist environment.

Alyson is also a mother of 3 and knows that although pregnancy and birth can be wonderful for pregnant women it can also be an anxious time. She, and Midwife Christine Peddle, will enjoy getting to know you and help you through your pregnancy.

Mother's Experiences

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About Dr Hunter

• pure obstetrician.

• regional referral specialist for other Northern Ireland obstetricians/maternity units.

• subspecialist in complex pregnancy management ( accredited feto-maternal medicine subspecialist).

• carry’s out all scans/tests herself including 3D /4D ultrasound scanning nuchal scans fetal abnormality blood testing(harmony test)

• ladies deliver in Royal Jubilee Maternity hospital ie Regional referral unit for complex maternity and neonatal services for province.

• leads national research into fetal wellbeing.

• trustee on board of national antenatal charities.

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Our Main Services

Antenatal Care

Dr Alyson Hunter offers antenatal consultations at 352 Consulting Lisburn Road. Visits may occur from early in pregnancy until the due date. At these visits we will check your health by measuring your blood pressure, checking your urine and occasionally taking blood tests. Ultrasound will be used to assess the health of the baby.

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Ultrasound technology has revolutionised pregnancy care in the last 30 years. Dr Hunter's specialist training means that she can offer a range of scans during pregnancy including early pregnancy, nuchal translucency, anatomy, growth and 3 and 4D scans.

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Prenatal Diagnosis

Prenatal diagnosis for fetal abnormality can be arranged at 352 with Dr Hunter. The services offered include nuchal translucency scanning, blood investigations, fetal anatomy and 3 and 4D scans and tests such as amniocentesis.

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Postnatal / Neonatal Care

A postnatal visit at 352 with Dr Hunter can be arranged 6-8 weeks after delivery of your baby. Dr David Miller, consultant neonatologist (paediatrician) in Royal Maternity Hospital will also see your baby for a check up about this time. He will also try and review your baby in Royal Maternity shortly after you have delivered.

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